Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please, please give Spike a call.

OK, Denzel, what the hell?

You made a fifth movie with Tony Scott? What on earth for?!?

Alright, Crimson Tide was pretty good, and that was your first, so that's OK. Your second with him came nine years later, and although I can buy that you trusted the man from your previous experience together, had you not seen his work lately? And as dark and gritty as it is, Man on Fire just isn't very good, so your second collaboration should have been your last. No hard feelings.

But there you are again only two years later with Deja Vu, and three years after that with a remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. Why? Is it some kind of "I make the crappy films so I can afford to make the good ones" approach to Hollywood? If so, I don't think even The Great Debaters was worth shaming the memory of Walter Matthau.

But you have continued on and will be starring in Unstoppable later on this year. I watched the trailer, Denzel, and I could barely tell what was going on for the noise (which is par for the course in a Tony Scott film). I'm hoping that maybe this last film is truly the last film. I'd much rather see The Inside Man 2 than another one of these.

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