Sunday, August 01, 2010

Samuel L. Jackson Quote of the Month: August 2010

It's gotta be nice for an actor to be a point in their career where a brief cameo in a film will immediately put a smile on the audience's collective face. And with this introductory sentence, you would think I'm speaking of 2008's Iron Man, but you'd be wrong. No, I'm speaking of the Samuel L. Jackson end-of-movie surprise cameo ten years previous to that.

At the end of 1998's Out Of Sight, George Clooney's character Jack Foley finds himself (SPOILER!) in the back of a prison van with a cool looking guy named Hejira (Played by an uncredited Samuel L. Jackson). What results is an awesome scene to top off an awesome movie:
Jack Foley: "What kind of name is Hejira?"

Hejira: "It's Islamic."

Jack Foley: "What's it mean?"

Hejira: "The Hejira was Mohammed's flight from Mecca in 632. Brothers in Leavenworth gave me that name."

Jack Foley: "You were in Leavenworth?"

Hejira: "For a time."

Jack Foley: "What's that mean?"

Hejira: "Means, when the time came, I left."

Jack Foley: "You broke out?"

Hejira: "I prefer to think of it as an exodus from an undesirable place."

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