Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Send in the Clowns."

It being a slow day, I watched the Salon slide show about movie fan art. The last selection pointed to a site called Fake Movie Posters and allowed you to create your own, so I did so.

Fake Movie Posters

In regards to the website in general, I would have appreciated more generic templates. One can hardly do a convincing poster when confined to the distinctive fonts of The Terminator and The Godfather (the later coming complete with hovering marionette strings). Furthermore, the templates provided only allow you to substitute just enough letters as the placeholder title had.

Which is why my theoretical adaptation of "Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates" was shortened to simply Fierce Invalids. I think the final result looks good, though I had a bit of trouble with the casting. The supporting players (Bellucci as Sister Domino, Rowlands as Maestra and Mos Def as Bobbby Case) were easy enough to decide on, but the man who would be Switters confounded me. Ten years ago, I would have said Robert Downey Jr., but I think he's a little too old to play Switters now. Then I thought of Franco, who is known as a bit of an eccentric himself (and is a damn good actor to boot), so he got the coveted role.

This is all just for fun, of course. I hope this book never gets made into a movie. Fortunately, I've got history on my side. The last and only time a Robbins book got adapted for the screen was Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. I don't think executives are going back to that well any time soon.

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