Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tom Clancy PREDICTS!

The Hunt for Red October is a favorite of Mrs. Mosley's, and I started thinking about one of her favorite scenes as I read the news this morning. The conversation takes place between Captain Borodin (Sam Neil) and Captain Ramius (Sean Connery) as they discuss what their lives will be like when they defect to the United States.
Borodin: "I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pickup truck... maybe even a 'recreational vehicle.' And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?"

Ramius: "I suppose."

Borodin: "No papers?"

Ramius: "No papers, state to state."

Borodin: "Well then, in winter I will live in... Arizona. Actually, I think I will need two wives."

Ramius: "Oh, at least."
Borodin, I've got good news and bad news for ya. The bad news is that, if you winter Arizona, you're probably gonna need papers. The good news is that, the way things are going in the courts in that neck of the woods, you still might be able to swing the two wives.

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Granma said...

Today was not that great of a day for me. Your Blog made me grin and think. What more can a person ask.