Saturday, January 01, 2005

Keith David Quote of the Month: January 2005

Folks, meet Keith David. Like Yaphet Kotto, David is a tall, formidable black actor with an unforgettable tough voice. Unlike Yaphet Kotto, David seems to get around a lot more in films lately, which makes quote easier to choose from (at least for 12 months, anyway).

His first major role was a man named Childs in the modern horror classic "The Thing". Along with Kurt Russell's R. J. MacReady, He is one of the few tough enough to fight back against the alien presence that has infiltrated their Antarctic research facility. When MacReady is suspected of having been infected, Childs argues with the others that they should leave him locked outside in the blizzard. Radio operator Windows (Thomas Waites) is not so sure.

Childs: No! Just let him freeze to death outside!

Windows: Childs, what if we're wrong about him?

Childs: Well then, We're wrong!

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