Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Wife the Geisha

Mrs. Mosley is an old fashioned kind of girl. She likes romantic comedies, Janet Evanovich mysteries, and a nice bowl of tuna noodle casserole. Once in a while, she will surprise me. Several months ago, she went to lunch with a friend of hers to a Japanese restaurant. Now, she had been to Japanese steakhouses before, as I have previously detailed, but she had yet to partake of Sushi. Like most people, she had that initial "raw fish" phobia, but she soon learned that it wasn't all raw fish. And then she tasted a piece. And that began a passion that continues to this day.

Particularly now, in these first few weeks of the new year when we're trying to keep our calories low, she sees Sushi as her delicious, low calorie salvation. Far be it for me to begrudge her. I like it too, though not to the extent that she currently does. And all the virtues she extols about Sushi are true. So, aside from some bemused moments when she clamors for a California Roll in the same way she once did for German Chocolate Cake, I've endeavored to be supportive of her new culinary interests like a good husband should.

And now, for my wife's enjoyment and perhaps yours, some Sushi links:

Some basic Sushi roll ingredients and recipes

Sushi Vocabulary

Local Sushi spots

The Sekisui restaurant homepage

More Sushi Links

I will admit there is one downside to my wife's desire to go to Japanese restaurants these days: When was the last time you were in a Sushi place that also served Chicken Caesar Salad?

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SE said...

Hi Daniel!

This is Sarah Emily! Elisabeth gave me your site address in an email and I thought I'd come and check it out--I had no idea how witty you could be on such a topic as sushi!

Anyway, I've created my own little site: I had previously had a xanga, but I think I may abandon it. Way too many people read it who I don't want knowing all about me!

I hope things are going great for the Kibler household, and please tell Elisabeth I love her!

Your cousin,