Thursday, January 20, 2005

Novel Writing (Live From Wessex... er... Jacksonville)

It's been awhile since I entertained notions to seriously write and be published. The desire has never really left me, only subsided to minute levels. I'm constantly jotting down ideas and scenarios in my Palm and in scattered Word documents on my Desktop. But all of this has never come to fruition.

But something changed lately. Namely, a friend of mine recently had one of her short stories published in a compilation book. Here's the link to the book, by the way. I was duly impressed by this, and it made me rethink my lackadaisical efforts. So, I'm renewing my efforts to write and be published. My first steps have been to start reading some short story magazines to see what kind of stuff is currently getting published. I also have my eye on a short story contest that I've heard about for years. The deadline for the contest is in less than three weeks, and I hope to have three different stories up and ready for submission.

I'll be posting updates on my efforts as they arise. Stay tuned.

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