Monday, January 10, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Mosley go to Washington

Acrentropy was quieter than usual last week because I'm currently planning a big trip for September. Given that Mrs. Mosley and I skipped our annual vacation in 2004, this makes us all the more eager to get away.

The chief reason for our lack of trip last year was money. 2005 is different, though, as we finally got the big credit card paid off. Mrs. Mosley, in all her financial wisdom, is insisting we only use the card for the trip when we have the saved cash to immediately pay it back off. This means such provisions as waiting until April to buy the train tickets. That's a smart cookie I married.

As for the actual destination, we finally settled on Washington DC. After visiting Canada in 2002 and England in 2003, we decided to give the passport a little rest and travel closer to home. Also, this will keep our expenses down. We've both wanted to visit DC for a long time. The Smithsonian, The Library of Congress and The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are high on our list of places to see there. We also plan some side trips into Pennsylvania to see Gettysburg, the Brandywine River Museum and perhaps even the Liberty Bell.

And then there's the consideration of DC's most famous resident. Mrs. Mosley and I have already decided to cross the White House off our short list of places to visit. The man himself will probably be out of town anyway doing, you know, important stuff like clearing brush on his ranch or ignoring newspapers.

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