Monday, May 08, 2006

Cleaning the Desktop

Time to clear off some of these links (yet retain them oh-so-cleverly in this blogpost) and pass the savings along to you!

Stop Smiling Magazine - CYNICS REJOICE! Well, not rejoice, exactly, because that's not your normal state of existence and then you wouldn't be ... oh, nevermind. - Full of games and video clips and other fun stuff to help pass the day

Mapping Hacks - All kinds of cartographic goodness!

Fallout - I have no idea how I originally came across this Russian site, but I know why I kept a link to it: the references to the classic Commodore 64 game "Wasteland".

Damn Interesting - It is definitely that. A cool and well designed site that posts random stories about all sorts of oddities that are ... well, you get the idea.

Never Happened - Probably linked solely on the info for the Boeing Library design.

Victorian London - A very cool and extensive online encyclopedia on all things Victorian (most of which are primary sources).

Other Time Lines - Site devoted to chronicling the alternate universes in historical "what if" fiction. In other words, manna for Harry Turtledove fans.

And finally yet another LEGO link, this time to some guy who refuses to let the inherently boxy nature of LEGO keep him from creating a very un-boxy design. I may have to steal some of his stuff.

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