Thursday, May 18, 2006

JFF 2006: And so it begins ...

Last year, the opening night film was a comedy called Phil the Alien showing at the Florida Theatre. Across the river, a documentary about a paraplegic sport called Murderball played at the San Marco Theatre. I decided to skip the big premiere downtown and see the smaller film.

Definitely no regrets on that choice.

This year has the same situation. A feature film called The Gold Bracelet, concerning an Indian family's dealing with 9/11, is kicking off the festival downtown tonight. Playing at the San Marco is a documentary about the history and use of the word "Fuck" called, appropriately, F*&k.

No prize for guessing which one I pick.

More JFF goodness in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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Maki said...

I want a full rundown, considering I have to be out of the state from tonight until Monday... Dammit.