Friday, May 05, 2006

Look, Sir: Digital Media

News travels fast on the Internet, and the revelation 24 hours ago about the original Star Wars films being released on DVD is already all over the place. One commentary on this that tickled me was from Mac Slocum of Film Fodder:
Now that many of us old-schoolers have popped out little ones, I'd be interested to know how parents are going to handle the all-important "Star Wars" introduction. Will you follow the final story arc ("Episode I" through "Episode VI")? Will you show the 2004 originals ("Star Wars" through "Jedi") then show the prequels? Or, will you revisit your own youthful "Star Wars" experience: "Original Unaltered Trilogy" followed by the prequels? These are the questions that haunt me.

Not to worry, Mac. I have an answer for you: (gestures vaguely with right hand) You don't need to see the prequels ... These aren't the films you're looking for ... You can go about your business ... Move along ... Move along.


Maki said...

I've wondered this myself quite a few times. The big question becomes which surprise you want to give the kids... Watching 1-6 in sequence sets them up for Anakin being the hero of the piece and then pulls the rug out from under them with Episode 3. However, doing this obviously ruins one of the single greatest moments in movie history at the end of Empire.

So yeah, show them the originals first would be my vote. Add in the fact that they might not come back after The Terrible First Episode Which Shall Not Be Named and it just makes sense.

Reel Fanatic said...

Kids deserve to see these great movies like we did ... 4 through 6 .. let them rejoice with the ewoks before they learn how Lucas screwed up 1 and 2 before redeeming himself somewhat with 3

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