Monday, May 19, 2008

Cleared for Docking

The Docking Station, which is a local cyber cafe a friend of mine started up back in 2000, has closed its doors. After eight years of just breaking even, they have decided to hang it up. I wish I could say I went there more often than I did, but it's location in Regency was never a convenient spot for me to just "drop by".

A very informal wake was held yesterday afternoon where we sat and talked about the history of the place. One longtime employee stated how a generation of teenagers that had come there to game have now either gone off to college or gotten married and had kids. Though the business will be no more, it's nice to think that it has a permeant place in the hearts of one local age group and will live on in that fashion.

Parts of the place already look dismantled, and they're looking to unload a lot of computer equipment and furniture at drastic discounts before they move out at the end of the month. Anyone interested can call them at 722-3625.

So long, old friend.

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