Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The LEGO Dozen

While sorting through my LEGO recently (and as my fellow LEGO maniacs know too well, life is just one endless LEGO sorting job), I noticed that I now possessed an even dozen flesh colored heads. Most of these came with the two giant Batman sets I purchased six months ago.

Given that I like my LEGO men to have the traditional yellow heads, I wondered what I could do with these. Then I remembered recently seeing a LEGO rendering of the characters from Team Fortress and that gave me an idea. So, here for your enjoyment, are the members of my own LEGO band of misfit figures, each with their own distinct weapon! Enjoy!

Top row: The Barbarian (with spear), The Witch (with wand), The Cook (with hatchet), The Punk (with Tommy Gun)

Middle row: The Yakuza (with Katana), The Gambler (with revolver), The Mechanic (with wrench), The Cowboy (with rifle)

Bottom row: The Fireman (with circular saw), The Indian (with bow and arrow), The Diver (with harpoon), The Driver (with machine pistol)

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