Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whither JFF 2008?

Well, the Jacksonville Film Festival has come and gone for another year and I... didn't see a damn thing.

A number of factors played into this, but mainly I was simply underwhelmed by the festival as a whole. I've already spoken my peace about them excluding the San Marco locations this year, but in addition to this was a slate of films that simply didn't inspire me. Add to this the fact that I already got my Film Fest fix earlier this year in Maitland, and the whole JFF became a non-event for me.

I did attend the short film fest at the Main Library, which showed my "Blast Reynolds" short to a largely appreciative audience. But, as Scott points out, they weren't listed in the JFF schedule as in previous years. In yet another area, JFF disappoints. (Incidentally, you can see me in the background of the picture on Scott's blog post. Don't I cut a dashing-yet-lumpy figure?)

So, will I attend next year? We'll just have to see what changes they make and what they decide to keep the same. Much to Mrs. Mosley's chagrin, I've expressed interest in doing the out-of-town thing again. Maybe it's time I expand my horizons a bit, festival-wise.

It's always a great way to get me out of the house.

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