Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chicken Caesar Review: Applebee's

Well, it's been awhile since I've done one of these, so let's get back to it with yet another Bar & Grill and see how it fares. Applebee's offers it's Grilled Italian Chicken Caesar Salad for $7.99 and it includes grilled Italian chicken (natch) served on romaine lettuce, with Parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing. It also comes with a slice of garlic toast.

First off, the chicken is top shelf. It is a hot off the grill breast thinly sliced and very juicy. It was also blackened on the tips and edges, but the great taste made up for this. The rest of the salad is composed of chopped lettuce nicely tossed with just enough tangy dressing to be tasty but not too much that its overwhelming. The dressing is accented by the freshly shredded Parmesan. The croutons, though not fresh and a bit tough, had a good garlic and butter flavor. Finally, the slice of garlic toast is a nice tasty addition to the meal.

Aside from the chicken, this is a very standard Chicken Caesar Salad that is competently made and fairly satisfying. I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in an Applebee's and is looking for something on the light side.

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Anonymous said...

I will NEVER eat there again. A fairly large bug was in my salad. When I complained to the Manager he said the produce sometimes comes in with bugs, and it is "beyond their control". That’s just gross and negligent. What the Manager was saying then is that they do not check the products that they buy, and that they knew of this problem, and did nothing about it. How is that sanitary? That’s got to be against the law or something. I should report them to the FDA or someplace. I tried to take a picture of it with my camera phone, but the Manager quickly took the plate away. Unfortunately, I discovered this after I nearly finish the salad. Even though the Manager said that we did not have to pay for it, that was not good enough. It is not about the money. It’s just dirty and disgusting.