Saturday, February 26, 2005

Child Alonzo to the "Dark Tower" came

Years ago, I read the first three books in Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series and liked them very much. The fourth book, "Wizard and Glass", didn't draw me in as quickly as the other three and I eventually dropped it, hoping to one day return to the series.

Last year, King published the seventh and final book called, simply enough, "The Dark Tower". I decided to revisit the series and listen to all seven books back-to-back on CD in my car. For those numbers fans out there, my calculations on the entire series come out to 4,000 printed pages which in turn is about 140 hours of audio CD.

I'm currently near the end of "Wizard and Glass", which I found was much easier to get into in audio form. I plan on posting some comments when I'm done with the series, which I project will be sometime this summer.

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