Saturday, February 05, 2005

Super Bowl Countdown: One Day Left

We're hunkerin' down.

I mentioned the 2004 Hurricanes in Thursday's post, and it has struck me that residents such as myself are reacting to the Super Bowl as they did Hurricane Frances: stocking up on supplies and sealing themselves inside their homes. A Florida Times-Union article from today's paper made the same observation.

So much of the negative press have focused on too little hotel rooms there are and too much traffic there is. Well, some of us have made the decision to clear out of your way. After all, this is really your game that will be played tomorrow, no matter where it's located. I'm guessing there aren't a huge amount of Eagles or Patriot fans actually living in Jacksonville. Hell, we're getting a big enough kick at just looking at all the activity on TV.

So enjoy all the restaurants, clubs, theaters and, yes, Waffle Houses and Hooters (thank you,
Tony Kornheiser, you putz). Jacksonville has worked for years to show you a good time. After all, that's what a good party host does.

Mi casa, su casa. We'll be out in the garage if you need us.

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