Friday, February 04, 2005

Super Bowl Countdown: Two Days Left

Well, so much for the grey suits in Publix.

Yesterday, the rumors started flying in terms of celebrity sightings in town. Now, I can get into this as much as anybody, but when celebrity sightings amount to figures chiefly from the sports world, I'm underwhelmed. I'm sure that having Deion Sanders, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Jerry Rice around is extremely exciting for some, but not me.

But there have been exceptions. I first heard about Robin Williams beings at Sneakers Sports Bar early yesterday via word of mouth. Then I saw the picture at the First Coast News celebrity sightings site (The picture's not a very good one, I'll admit. It could be Robin Williams. It could also be that old guy from the Barber Shop). So it's freaky to think of him here.

John Travolta has also been sighted, but that's less impressive since it's known around town that he owns a house down in Ocala. He's become a bit of a local boy. He shot "Basic" down at Camp Blanding several years ago, and he's going to be making "Lonely Hearts" with James Gandolfini in Jacksonville later this year.

And then there's Brad Pitt. Specifically, this is the statement that has been spread around town: "Brad Pitt was seen buying Orange Juice at a Ponte Vedra Winn Dixie". I suppose that in the case of restaurants, it's easier to accept celebrity sightings, as if they were actually conjured on the premises. But Winn Dixie?! How mundane can you get?!

And the week is still young. We may see more before it's all over. Suffice to say, if I run into Colin Farrell sipping on an Expresso at the Docking Station, you folks will be the first to hear about it. And furthermore, I'll be sure to ask him what was up with "Alexander".

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