Monday, April 18, 2005

Comparing Apples and Studebakers

Over the weekend, I hit my "Eureka" moment and created the perfect design for the La-La Land Library after two previous designs that simply didn't look good. The floating table and the silvery color scheme, I think, were the linchpins that make the new design work so well. This morning, I discovered that the site doesn't work so well on smaller resolution screens. So much for perfection. The basic design is sound, though, and I'll try and fix the resolution problem tonight.

I've been looking for over a month for links to put on my site, and I have a hefty share of them in place, but there's always more to find. This morning, I was browsing through the Library of Congress National Film Preservation Board site to see if there were any interesting sub-sections I should highlight. I came across a page entitled "Film Publications and Resource Guides" which had a list of links to some resources I hadn't found yet, so it's been quite a boon to my research.

I couldn't help but notice, though, that over half of the page was devoted to a second list called "Non-Film" and had nothing at all to do with the general content of the website. Most are library reference-type links, but a few of them seem to be completely from left field. It's as if the webmaster had a what-the-hell attitude and just threw some extras in. In the spirit of such a hodge-podge approach, let me present some of these links that have nothing to do with the Library of Congress, Film, Preservation or anything else pertinent to the site:

BugMeNot - Bypass Compulsory Web Registration. Kind of a subversive site for a US Government link directory, but what do I know. Stick it to the Man!

Dead or Alive - Track down celebrity deaths with the help of their unusual searching techniques. Hey look! Pope John Paul II died five years to the day after the death of Mafia turncoat Tommaso Buscetta. Wow!

Homestar Runner - Uh....Odd animated adventures of...some creatures. But the main guy is painted red, white and blue with a star on his shirt, so I guess it all makes sense.

Ridiculous Informercial Review - Just what it sounds like, folks.

Sniglets - One man's attempt to extend SNL vet Rich Hall's legacy. It's cute and all, but what's with the naked chick painted like a cow?

Think Geek - Your one-stop shopping source for T-shirts with 4,000 digits of Pi on them.

The Time Travel Fund - Quite silly, but if it teaches just one kid about compound interest, it would be worth it.


John said...

Yes, this design is better. Did you use Frontpage or a similiar program to create the page?

Alonzo Mosley (FBI) said...

I used Frontpage. The floating table effect is due to some HTML I got from, of all things, a Danish webhelp site called Echo Echo. They made it a far easier process than I thought it would be. For their trouble, I've linked to them at the bottom of La-La.