Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Elusive Gene Tierney


Back in August of 2003, I was given a Barnes & Noble Gift Card. I used it in an order of two books and a DVD through their website. The books shipped right away, but the copy of Laura would wait and be shipped later in the year when the DVD was released.

Shortly before the release date, it was announced by Fox Home Video that Laura had been postponed indefinitely. I had already ditched the gift card and had no way through B&N to change the order, so I chalked it up to gift money lost and moved on.

Last month, Laura was finally released on DVD as part of a Fox Film Noir series (the development of which is probably the reason for the initial postponement). Lo and behold, this morning I received an email from B&N that my copy of the DVD had shipped what is now over 20 months since the initial order, which I had assumed was lost and gone.

You won't see me complaining, but it just goes to show that nothing is necessarily lost forever on the Internet.

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