Thursday, April 21, 2005

Local boy makes good (and funny)

I had briefly read about this story yesterday, but it was only this morning while watching the Today Show that I found out the man in question, Rogers Cadenhead, lives in my neck of the woods.

He's described in articles as a writer of technical manuals, and it was pretty clear after listening to him that he was a bit of a geek. Thankfully, he was that rare geek that knew a thing about public speaking and was interacting quite easily (and painlessly) with Katie Couric. He had all the stagehands laughing on Today with his list of "requests" from the Papacy in exchange for the domain name, including an all expense paid trip to the Vatican and, of course, his own Pope hat.

So here's to you, "Rogers" (If that is your real name). You made Jacksonville proud.

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