Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Purty Pictures

The best feature of The Digital Bits website is it's Upcoming DVD Art gallery. I'll admit it; all those glossy covers compiled together is like porn for DVD addicts (not that there's anything wrong with that). Their update yesterday announced that a total of 425 new scans (!) had been recently added. Here are the highlights:

First off, for John, there is the obligatory Hercules Double Feature. Also, on May 31st comes The Second Civil War accompanied by similarly-themed The Pentagon Wars and Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Following along the line of those previous titles is a favorite TV movie of mine from HBO called The Late Shift. It's a great look at the late night TV wars after Carson retired, and the two actors given the monumental task of portraying Leno and Letterman do a wonderful job.

A modern classic is getting the deluxe DVD treatment: Sling Blade. It's an incredibly touching film, and the best description I've ever heard of it came from Roger Ebert in his review: "If 'Forrest Gump' had been written by William Faulkner...".

On a side note, I'm astounded at how many unknown westerns Tom Selleck has made. Also, I'm astounded at how many films period that star Frank Sinatra.

Forget The Fast and the Furious, XXX and the destined-to-be-hideous Spy Hunter starring (who else) The Rock. Folks, I give you The Driver. Best. Car Chase. Film. Ever.

Three words: Over The Top (which appropriately describes the cover art).

Finally, TV Series aplenty, which have seen a boon on DVD. There is The Job, which I have previously discussed here on Acrentropy. The Cosby Show finally sees its way to DVD in August. For all you Lost enthusiasts out there, the first season arrives in September. Finally there's Quincy, which I mention for no other reason except to quote Zorak off Space Ghost Coast to Coast: "Let the Klugman revolution begin!"

(Update: I had no idea when I wrote the post above that today is Jack Klugman's 83rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Jack!)

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