Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"...every aspect and institution of human society"

Thank you, Rolling Stone, for letting us know about people like this.

Make no mistake that this dangerous level of fundamentalism is on par with Al Qaeda. Just because it's Christian fundamentalism does not mean that we don't need to worry about them. The fact that Bush sought the blessings of these people before he ran for president is beyond disturbing.

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John said...

Well, let's not use the terms Evangelical and Dominionist synonomously. Defintions are here.

I loathe D. James Kennedy and his spiritual brother James Dobson, too. Repugnantly statist, and completely unashamed about giving political speeches from the pulpit. (On a similiar note, when I moved to Jacksonville, I churchshopped at First Baptist. That morning, Dr. Vines gave endorsements for a local election from the pulpit. I was polite enough to wait until the end of the service before stomping out.)

But anyway, there are scads of evangelicals everywhere, but dominionists are not that common. They're very good at getting in front of TV cameras, but the evangelicals that I know dislike them, and some with great intensity. The news media is complicit in this phenomenon. I mean, if you want good ratings for your news program, do you point the camera as the gentle man who talks about the saving grace of Jesus, or the fire-breathing nut who rants about locking up the heathens? Rolling Stone is exaggerating the threat.