Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't let him kiss ya!

Mrs. Mosley and I were talking last night and she said the words "Turd Blossom", and I naturally asked if she was speaking of Karl Rove. She was confused, as she had never heard about Dubya's nickname for his right-hand man. To provide evidence for her, I Googled the term this morning and found an article from The Guardian that mentions the nickname in association with Rove.

In my searching, I also came across a long list of nicknames that Bush uses. I don't know as to the authenticity of each of these names, though I have read in numerous places that nicknaming is a habit Dubya uses to remember people. The names range from innocuous (Dick Cheney is "Big Time") to obvious (George Sr. is "Poppy") to downright insulting (Vladimir Putin is "Pootie-Poot").

And then there's current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whom Bush apparently calls "Fredo". I don't know. Even considering how much the guy has helped Bush over the years, I'd be nervous of a nickname like that. At the very least, I'd avoid any impromptu fishing trips.

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