Monday, October 16, 2006

We'll throw in all nine seasons of Family Matters if you promise not to give them back

Uh ... er ... what?!?! (Via CNN):

Russia is out to find its own Brooke Shields to star in a new, local-language version of the sitcom "Suddenly Susan."

The Russian reincarnation of NBC's 1996-2000 series, which starred Shields in the title role as a San Francisco columnist, is part of a big move by the show's producer, Warner Bros., to develop foreign versions of old U.S. sitcoms, such as "Perfect Strangers," "Step by Step" and "Full House." (Warner Bros., like CNN, is a unit of Time Warner.)

"Susan" is being produced in conjunction with a Russian broadcaster, CTC, which will shoot 40 episodes of the series. CTC has also committed to 40 episodes of "Step by Step" and 20 episodes of "Full House."

Meanwhile, the first episode of the Russian version of "Perfect Strangers" debuted a week ago on Ren TV. Mismatched roommates Larry and Balki have become Ivan (Artem Semakin) and Andrei (Anton Eldarov). Andrei arrives from his remote ex-Soviet republic and moves straight into the flat of his Moscow cousin, Ivan, where cultures clash between the two dissimilar characters.

I know there is still some pent up anger on the part of Americans for the now-defunct evil empire, but this is just cruel!

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