Wednesday, October 25, 2006

LOAD "*" , 8 , 1

The two big blue cardboard boxes have sat in my mother's sewing room pretty much since I graduated High School fifteen years ago. There they sat, untouched by anyone. Then this past weekend I took a notion to rid my folks of the extra clutter by bringing it home and deciding what to do with it. Just in case, I went ahead with unpacking the boxes and hooking everything up ... and I'll be damned if that the thing still works.

Of course, a number of the disks seem to have deteriorated past the ability to play, but some of the most memorable ones still work.

I was able to pick up where I left off maybe sixteen, seventeen years ago with my party of six adventurers (Named "Palin", "Cleese", "Jones", "Gilliam", "Chapman" & "Idle") and go roving about the countryside killing Giant Bees and such. I mean, really, why blow your money on a PSP2 when you have stuff like this around the house?

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