Friday, June 01, 2007

Delroy Lindo Quote of the Month: June 2007

I have to admit that, aside from Crimson Tide, I've never been a big Tony Scott fan. He's too damn jittery and ADS for my tastes, and I always end up reaching for the Tylenol after I watch one of his films.

But, you know, this Quote of the Month business compels you to make sacrifices. So I rented Domino with the purpose of seeing some Delroy Lindo goodness to relay back to you. Trust Scott to piss me off even more by not even giving Lindo any memorable lines (Hell, the two guys from 90210 got better lines than him). So the following is what I'm left with, which is kinda funny and notable purely for it's oddness.

"Why would you use Jerry Springer as a platform for some kind of progressive race modification proposal anyhow, huh?"

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