Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ten observations from my DC trip for the ALA Conference

(Presented in the order in which they were observed)

#1 - The D.C. Metro continues to kick the ass of the NYC subway in pretty much every category.

#2 - Paris Hilton may still be a spoiled brat, but her family runs a great hotel.

#3 - This does not excuse them, however, for excluding HGTV from the basic cable lineup.

#4 - Strangers on a Train is actually a comedy.

#5 - Twelve piece brass bands spontaneously sprout up in Dupont Circle on Friday nights.

#6 - Ken Burns rocks the podium!

#7 - The Washington D.C. Convention Center was designed by the same guys who created the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.

#8 - It's a sure bet that the only place you'll find a Frederick Douglas impersonator wandering around (and a damned uncanny one at that) is at a conference of librarians.

#9 - Catching a glimpse of Matthew Lesko only 10 feet away from you does not turn you into a pillar of salt (but you still might feel icky afterwards).

#10 - Eight hours trapped inside Reagan National Airport still beats five hours inside Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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