Saturday, June 16, 2007

Now all that guy needs is a rain barrel and some trout.

I won't beat up on the NRA in this post since they actually surprised me earlier this week with their support of a bill that strengthens background checks. The bill was in part a reaction to the Virginia Tech shootings and though the NRA have previously dug in their heels after massacres like Columbine, they have apparently had a change of heart. Good on them.

Anyway, MSNBC has a story up right now (via Newsweek) that should depress members of the NRA a bit. According to a recent study, there is a downward turn in the number of active hunters and fishermen in this country. Here's the headline graphic:

So my question after seeing this is not to the NRA, but rather to the folks over at Newsweek: What the hell does an old timer shopping for pistols at a gun show have to do with hunting?

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