Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Four for Three

CNN has the scoop on the next season of House. Out with the old ...

... and in with the new:

The four new faces are, in order, Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Peter Jacobson and Anne Dudek. The only details given about specific characters is that Wilde will play a character called (ahem) "Thirteen". What, was Jeri Ryan unavailable to play this character?

As for the others, Kal Penn gets points for being in my wife's favorite movie last year (Superman Returns), and he recently got some notice for his dramatic chops in The Namesake. Hopefully the House role will help him further shed the "Kumar" image ( though his doing the sequel isn't helping that cause any).

Peter Jacobson is the oldest of this quartet and the most recognizable for a ton of television work. I'm guessing that he's playing another doctor in the hospital not under House since he's a little old to be playing an intern.

And the final girl I know nothing about, other than that picture makes her look spookily like Diane Neal off of Law & Order: SVU.

Good Luck To The New Meat! (snicker)

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