Monday, July 02, 2007

"Go to bed, old man!"

So Mrs. Mosley and I are heading home tonight on JTB Boulevard and come up behind a car that is stopped at a green light. The traffic in the left lane is breezing by, so we crane our necks around to see in front of the stopped car. There is no backup in front of him, so Mrs. Mosley honks the horn a couple of times. This has no effect, so she maneuvers into the left lane, only to see that the light has finally turned yellow and then red.

So we are stopped now (for legitimate reasons) at the intersection and the idiot car is to our right. We both look over and see an older black man in the driver's seat seeming almost serene. He has a printout of some MapQuest directions held in his hand and is studying them under the cabin light, which he has turned on. We sit there looking at him dumbfounded, and he never once looks over to us. The light turns green and this time he puts his directions down and he proceeds through the intersection at a speed past us.

So, yeah, I had pretty much the same reaction as any of you would have had to this situation: WHO THE HELL USES MAPQUEST FOR DIRECTIONS ANYMORE?!?!?!?!

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CreditGuide said...

There are many idiots on the road. Even when we stick rules of crossing the road, we should be still concerned. People, be more attentive driving a car!