Friday, July 06, 2007

I'M IT! (along with seven other folks)

I neglected to mark a milestone last week when Acrentropy turned three years old, so let this be my belated commemoration. Today, I have another milestone: After three years of blogging, I have finally been tagged!

People who have been tagged are required to reveal eight facts about themselves and to post and obey the following rules:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged write their own blog post about their eight things and include these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and that they should read your blog.
Eight Facts About Me:
1. Five years ago yesterday, I was visiting my then-girlfriend's hometown of Greenville, Mississippi. While we were driving through a quiet residential area, I entered a T-intersection for a left turn and was hit by a police cruiser that was speeding with neither his siren nor his lights on. She received some major bruises on her leg and I was taken to the emergency room with a ruptured spleen, which was soon taken out. Though it was only supposed to be a weekend trip, we spent the next two weeks in Greenville recovering. Both cars were totalled and the insurance companies declared it equal fault. As for legal action, I decided against it because (a) it would have meant doing it remotely from 800 miles away and (b) it would have been his word against ours since there were no witnesses. Such is life.

2. One year after the accident, I was married to the girlfriend and we began an annual tradition of vacationing with her mother's side of the family in Brevard, North Carolina every July. In fact, we leave for this year's trip tomorrow. Since we started, I've found Brevard and the surrounding region to be, to quote John Wayne in The Quiet Man, "another word for heaven to me". It's something that I very much look forward to every year.

3. I currently have a Tom Waits fixation. I bought my fourth CD of his, "Heart of a Saturday Night" and have been listening to it over and over. All this will eventually translate to a new YouTube video clip show I plan on doing later on this year to one of his songs.

4. Back when I was first in college, I had a friend who loved Mystery Science Theater 3000. He tried to get me to watch it, but I dismissed it as too goofy (and in all fairness, this guy's tastes were mostly acquired ones). It was only during the Sci-Fi Channel years that I got hooked and regretted never watching it earlier. To this day, I only have two types of DVD's on standing order: Pixar films and MST3K.

5. My wife got me hooked on Jane Austen. Specifically, she hooked me on the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. It's become the ultimate comfort viewing for me, and it's led me to watch five (!?!?!) other versions of the novel, just to see what they do different.

6. The first (and only) time I have ever gotten seriously drunk was at the ripe old age of 26. However, I was fortunate enough to have done this in Edinburgh, Scotland, so at least I got drunk somewhere interesting.

7. Post-Apocalyptic fiction has occupied a lot of my reading. I've read "World War Z" and "Earth Abides" within the past year and am currently reading "Dies the Fire". If this meme brings by any visitors who have further reading suggestions for this genre, by all means post them in the comments.

8. My wife is six years younger than me. This usually doesn't pose that many problems except on the rare occasion where I have to, for example, explain who Herve Villechaize is.

OK. That was easy. Now here comes the tricky bit: I don't know eight bloggers!

So the list below is made up of two bloggers I've had communications with and the rest are bloggers that had nice things to say about my "100 Movies 100 Quotes 100 Numbers" video. You see? This is what you get for being nice to someone (I hope you've learned your lesson).

Chuck at The Chutry Experiment
Jamie at Turn Down Your Lights
Joe at Cup of Joe Powell
Maki at More Junk From Maki
Michael at Zigzigger
Peevish at Barlyru
Walhydra at Walhydra's Porch
William at BillyBlog

(Postscript: I completely forgot to mention the guy who tagged me. Thanks to Robert Turnbull of Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind for the honor.)


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