Saturday, March 20, 2010

Burt and Kirk (and the rest)

I watched the 1957 Western Gunfight at the O.K. Corral last night, starring the always awesome pairing of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. But beside these Hollywood luminaries was the largest roster of MSTied actors I had ever seen in one film. Here's just who I recognized off the bat:

John Ireland, who starred in Gunslinger (Episode 511) just one year before O.K.
George Matthews, whose first role was the short X Marks the Spot (Episode 210)
John Hudson, who starred in The Screaming Skull (Episode 912) just one year after O.K.
Lee van Cleef, who starred in The Master TV series in the 1980's (Episodes 322 & 324)
Jack Elam, who appeared in The Girl in Lovers Lane (Episode 509) just two years after O.K.

And I didn't even include Whit Bissell, who according to the IMDb plays a newspaper editor. I must have blinked and missed him, but I have little doubt he's there. Any look at his MST3K credits (Both Episodes 208 and 809) or his IMDb credits (Over 100 Movies and nearly 200 TV appearances) shows that man worked for a living.

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