Monday, March 01, 2010

Samuel L. Jackson Quote of the Month: March 2010

Ah, yes: Kiss of Death. When it was released, it was noted for David Caruso's first venture on the big screen after quitting NYPD Blue. That movie career didn't go as planned, but you can't blame the film. On it's own, it's a solid entry in the crime thriller genre.

Caruso gets plenty of help from his two costars. One is Nicholas Cage, who made this right before winning his Oscar and the film seems to foreshadow his eccentric, over-the-top roles to come. The other, of course, is Sam, who plays a cop named Calvin Heart. His character has a lot of pent up rage, and you can see it in his eyes as he describes the effects of being shot near the face.
Calvin Hart: "You see this eye, it runs all the time and does not stop. My left ear can only hear a third of the time, and whenever I go to the beach to see my kids, the sun gives me a migraine so bad that I cry like a baby."

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