Thursday, March 04, 2010

Post-war Vienna at a reasonable price.

You never know what you're going to find at the Great Jacksonville Book Sale. In addition to buying books for a coworker, my wife and my baby daughter, I picked up a few things for myself: A paperback copy of the original Stainless Steel Rat novel and a copy of the website-inspired 100 Days of Monsters (of which they had over a dozen brand new copies).

Ah, but the piece de resistance was to be found not among the books, but among the DVD's. I didn't actually hit the DVD's first as I normally due because (a) I couldn't immediately locate it, (b) that area is always slammed first and (c) the pickings are usually slim anyway. But when I finally stumbled upon it, lo and behold between an old copy of Analyze That and a miscellaneous volume of Robotech was this:

My friends: Any day you can pick up a Criterion disc in good condition for two dollars is a great day.

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Scott said...

I actually had a dream Sunday morning where I bought this and a bunch of other Criterion titles at the sale before you got there. Then I woke up and felt bad about A) being so jealous that it affected my dreams, and B)not having all the treats I bought in the dream.