Saturday, March 06, 2010


So. DeNiro is working on making a sequel to Midnight Run. Given that my namesake originates in this movie, you'd think I'd be excited. However, it doesn't necessarily follow that Yaphet Kotto and his fabulous character would return as well (and given the indignity of his character popping up in a friggin Larry the Cable Guy movie two years ago, maybe that's for the best).

Other characters? Well, Grodin is still alive. So is Joey "Pants" and Dennis Farina. Just last week, I saw John Ashton (aka Marvin the Bounty Hunter) in Gone Baby Gone, so he's still kicking. Of course, bringing back characters simply because you can is not necessarily a good movie making strategy. Just look at Men in Black II (On second thought, don't).

Finally, I have to admit, I'd be interested in seeing what they do with this given that the last one ended (SPOILERS!) with DeNiro's character being given millions of dollars in cash and walking out into the night. There are some interesting prospects there. And I'll be interested in seeing it even if doesn't contain one solitary reference to really nice sunglasses.

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