Saturday, March 13, 2010


I tend to belittle myself quite a bit when it comes to my own LEGO building capabilities. Daily visits to The Brothers Brick certainly doesn't help matters. That site gives me endless creativity from builders all over the world. Take this, for example:

This nifty little ship (built by Flickr user Uspez Morbo) has so many wonderful little innovations and accents that it makes my head hurt: The cockpit that is two side window panels placed bottom-to-bottom. The medieval pole arms adjacent to the front blasters. The rear extension that is made up of teeth and skis, for crying out loud! And, of course, those impeccable engines.

One result of all this Flickr drooling is that I decided to start sorting my LEGO primarily by color instead of brick type. If I want to build slick vehicles like this, I need to focus on what monochromatic parts I have that would work as opposed to turning to other color parts that would ruin the overall effect.

Well, that's the plan, anyway. Little C.C. might have other ideas about my free time.

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