Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I want my. I want my. I want my PBS.

While enjoying the usual network fare with my folks growing up (with particularly fond memories of The Bob Newhart Show, WKRP, Barney Miller and MASH), I was also exposed to a lot of PBS (Masterpiece Theater, Mystery and Evening at Pops with Arthur Fielder).

And while I'm sure there are others out there my age who have similar memories, I'll bet there are very few who also remember this show (start video at 1:15):

My Dad would watch this show faithfully on Friday nights and I would watch with him. I remember that I liked the nice old man who hosted the show and I liked listening to him (even though I had no idea what he was talking about). It's a very warm memory of mine.

And at the risk of sounding like the cranky old parent that I am, how in the world did we go from the intelligence and class of Louis Rukeyser to the bombast and crass of Jim Cramer?

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