Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hi, I'm Larry. This is my law partner Daryl, and this is my other law partner Daryl.

Even if you've never hired a lawyer in your life, you'd be hard pressed to forget the names of the more popular firms wherever you live due to the ubiquitousness of the advertising.

Several months ago, the local firm of "Harrell & Johnson", which advertises on the back of the local phonebook as well as on numerous commercials, all of a sudden changed to "Harrell & Harrell". The story behind this change broke not too long after, which seems to stem from a disgruntled partner being booted out.

Recently within the past week or so, another of the big firms, "Morgan, Colling and Gilbert", started running commercials, again with no acknowledgment of the change, for the new name of "Morgan & Morgan".

Good lord, folks. The lawyers are circling the wagons and only placing their solemn trust in their own kin. Best get the womenfolk to safety.

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