Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Well, the tortoise did win...

As fond as my memories are for the old "Night Court" TV show, I remember even then thinking how pathetic it was when they lifted a plot device whole hog from a previous episode. The plot I speak of is where, for whatever reason, Harry and the gang have to handle a certain amount of cases before a midnight deadline. Not only was this device copied, but also the final complication as well: A defendant that spoke...with...lots...of...long...pauses.

This came to mind today as I handled a very busy desk at the library and received a call from a patron.

Me: "Good Afternoon. How may I help you?"

Her: "I was...wondering...if you had...this title"

Me: (long pause as I wait for her to give the title, then give up) "What is the title, Mam?"

Her: "In...Praise...of...Slowness."

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