Thursday, March 24, 2005

Oh no, he did NOT go there!

Oh yeah, Get Your War On is on top of things.

And since we're using irreverent humor to break the morbid mood, I might as well include George Carlin's thoughts on the subject du jour while I'm at it:

"People talk about, 'Aw pull the plug on me. If I'm ever like that. If I'm comatose. If I'm like a vegetable. Pull the plug on me.' F*CK YOU, LEAVE MY PLUG ALONE! Get an extension cord for my plug! I want everything you got: tubes, cords, plugs, probes, electrodes, IVs! You got something, stick it in me man! You find out I got a hole I didn't know I had, put a f*ckin plug in it! 'Vegetable' shit, I don't care if I look like an artichoke! Saaaaaave my ass."

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