Friday, March 04, 2005

Skippy of the Day: Creator's Syndicate

And the hits just keep on comin, folks. According to a story via Boing Boing, the blog "News Hounds" has been sent an angry letter from Creator's Syndicate. Here is the choice excerpt from the letter:

"Creators Syndicate demands that you immediately cease and desist from your unauthorized use of the link to Bill O'Reilly's column on his website."
An "unauthorized link", huh? Wow. I'm tempted to write a letter to Creator's Syndicate myself. I would ask them that if they were on a fictitious train in the Underworld, then which of many stops they would choose to disembark at.

In short, I'd ask them where in Hell do they get off.

What else is there to say about this story other then the guy who wrote the letter needs to be investigated for toad licking. That's the only explanation I have for a fevered mind that actually believed hyperlinks to be a violation of copyright law. And for those who would like a definitive word on the subject, you may find it here. Hyperlinking isn't illegal, and Creator's Syndicate can just bite me as well as bite all bloggers everywhere.

And allow me to close this last post of the week with these words:

Linkety, Linkety, Link Link Link.

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