Saturday, March 26, 2005

Perspectives on the News

Mrs. Mosley recently asked me about my Thursday post where I stated I would be slackening up the frequency of posts due to my side project. I admitted to her that another reason for it was that I was a little burned out and needed a week to relax a bit. At this she was confounded, and I in turn asked her what subject she thought I should post on.

She suggested that I write about Kyrgyzstan.

She suggested I talk about how by Sunday 10,000 protesters in Jalal-Abad burned police offices and took control of the airport and Mayor's office.

She suggested I talk about how by Tuesday the protesters controlled the cities of Jalal-Abad and Osh, and were also in control of regional administration buildings in Batken and Kadamzhay as well as the government offices in Kochkor.

She suggested I talk about how by Thursday the protestors had stormed and ransacked the government building in Bishkek and forced President Akaev to go into hiding.

And then she suggested that, after talking about all these monumental events, how I talk about how screwed up our priorities must be when the news is still dominated by a brain dead woman whom the law dictates should have been allowed to die a long time ago no matter what the Bush's think.

Sweetie, I couldn't have said it better myself.

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John said...

Yeah, I noticed that on the day of the coup it was hard to find out any information on the subject. The Terri Schiavo story was everywhere.