Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds

I tell you, I'm about Skippied out lately. Were it not for the Arizona House earlier, Alaskan Republican Ted Stevens would have been King Skippy for the day. The story is here, and here also is the usual blunt commentary by Blah3.

For crying out loud, it's pay television. The fact that most people these days subscribe to pay television is not the cable networks' problem. In other words, to the old "turn the channel" argument used on those who would censor broadcasting we can add an even more simple solution: DON'T BUY THE F*CKING THING! Jesus Wept!

It's a damn good thing I'm spending tomorrow away from blogging because there are some supreme right-wing morons out to irritate the populace lately. See you on Friday.

By the way, three points to anyone who gets the reference in the title.
If you didn't, then click here.

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