Thursday, March 31, 2005

Missed Marketing Opportunity

I came up with a great money-making scheme a little too late. It goes like this: First, I would have driven down to Pinellas Park about a week or so ago. Next, I would have dropped by a Home Depot to purchase some dowel rods, thin pieces of leather strap and carpenter tacs. Finally, I would quickly manufacture some flagellation sticks to sell to the mourners at ten bucks a pop.

Believe me when I tell you that I do not mean to be unkind. However, I remain unsympathetic to the group of people wailing and moaning in front of a South Florida Hospice. They chose to sit and cry over the (legal) death of a woman none of them personally know and who likely could not discern one of them from a lamp post. Meanwhile, so many other strangers, who are just as much in danger of starvation, could be helped by some, you know, constructive actions. I guess it's more glamorous to be a drama queen for the cameras than it is to be an anonymous Samaritan.

But at least it's all at an end, now. Rest in Peace, Terri. Such deserved Peace has been a long time coming.


John said...

Although some of the Terri advocates were using her as a political football (enter Randall Terry & Jesse Jackson), I think that most were simply caught up in the heat of the moment. There was an unbelievable swarm of emoting on the Right that took the case very personally -- and excommunicated conservatives that were not so absolutist about the need to save Terri, Constitution be damned.

I know that I shouldn't -- I really shouldn't, a suffering woman has died -- but I felt a sigh of relief this morning. The madness was finally over.

jonta said...

Yes, rest in peace Terri.

If this whole sad episode has shown anything, it's that we as a society deal very poorly with death, even as it is a natural part of living.

Have we become so far removed from death in our modern society that we are unwilling to acknowledge it when it has come? Caring for the dying sometimes means letting them go.

Rest in peace. We all will someday.