Monday, January 14, 2008

But now they can't graduate to John Ritter sex comedies.

I haven't commented on it yet here, but I continue to be astounded by the resurrection of one notorious show from my youth: American Gladiators.

My wife commented the other night that it was inevitable (what with the Writer's Strike still dragging on) that some of these old unscripted chestnuts get resurrected, but still ... American friggin Gladiators?

And they haven't even changed it all that much in the twenty years since the original. They've added some new games, but most of the old ones have been brought back (except for the "Atlasphere", which I find odd given that it was the game unique enough to be referenced in The Simpsons). But otherwise, we're still getting beefy guys gals in spandex firing tennis ball cannons and wielding over sized Qtips.

And to think that this incredible hunk of cheese that was once relegated to syndication on Saturday mornings is now on NBC in primetime!

Well, whatever the results of the strike, both sides will have a lot to answer for in what it wrought. I envision them in gigantic metal-mesh spheres ...

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