Friday, January 25, 2008


Back in 2005, I did a post on my memories of the Incredible Hulk TV show from my youth. Specifically, I wrote about how sadistic the show was to the lead character because he needed to transform at least twice during every episode.

Well, somebody has gone and listed all 117 different ways that Dr. David Bruce Banner was "made angry" and it is priceless. It was created by Kenneth Johnson, who wrote and directed a handful of Hulk episodes. Here's just the first twenty:
1. Problems with flat tire
2. Nightmare
3. Thinking about either of his wives
4. Cut off from somebody in danger who needs his help
5. Being hit over the head repeatedly with a metal object
6. Having his cure destroyed
7. Quicksand
8. Being mauled by a bear
9. Being bit by a dog
10. Being placed in a car compactor
11. Being punched out and thrown down a flight of stairs
12. Being punched out and thrown over a balcony
13. Being punched out, period
14. Being buried in a sand pit
15. Having a row of computers fall on him
16. Being hit with a blast of steam in the face while trying to turn off the nuclear reactor that is melting down
17. Receiving a lethal injection, and then having the person say, "Oh. I just gave you a lethal injection. Sorry, David."
18. Dropping a C02 cannister on his foot after being insulted
19. Being pushed down a mountainside by a bigfoot impersonator
20. Dealing with a pesky operator in a phone booth ("I DON'T HAVE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS!!!")

Oh, and if some of them sound made up to you, they're not. I think I actually remember number twenty. Kudos, Kenneth Johnson. You made my day.

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