Thursday, January 03, 2008

He'll be your Huckleberry

I'm just lovin' the GOP race. All these suburban, insulated rich Republicans freaking out over the backwoods background of Huckabee. This bit from the NYT pretty much sums it all up:
It’s okay to have faux rubes, a la Bush senior and his pork rinds, or George W. and his Midland malapropisms. But when something that looks like the real thing comes along, the Republican royalists get apoplectic. They were appalled at the recent YouTube debate because it looked like a parody of one faction of their party – complete with Bible-waving wackos, trigger-happy gun nuts and Confederate-flag enthusiasts.
It puts me in mind of some conservatives like political cartoonist Ed Gamble who love to portray the Democratic party as consisting of nothing but Hollywood celebrities, hippies and anarchists. Truth be told, not only are there plenty of mainstream Democrats, but there are also plenty of wackos in the Republican party that folks like Gamble never touch.

As much as conservatives bitch about "Political Correctness", it cuts both ways. And in that sense, it's more politically correct to take swipes at environmentalists than evangelists.

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