Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The 1st anniversary is "paper", so fork over the books!

Today marks one year since I started Acrentropy. Here are some statistics:

Site Redesigns - Twice since the original blogskin

Chicken Caesar Salad Reviews - 14

Movie Reviews - 66 (plus 13 shorts from the Jacksonville Film Festival)

"Skippy" of the Day posts - 25

Better than Ginger posts - 1 (gee, that blogging series really caught on like wildfire, didn't it?)

Yaphet Kotto quotes - 7

Keith David quotes - 6

General Movie Quotes - 11

Recycle Bin - 2

Lyrically speaking - 1
Looking back on the year that was, I notice several things.

First, I've slacked on the Movie reviews. Most of the reviews I did early on were films I loved and had lots of things already to say about them. I've run out of those for now and have yet to be inspired to write another one, though I will eventually do so. As a side note: In lieu of a full length review, allow me to say that Batman Begins kicks ass.

Chicken Caesar reviews also petered out, but I plan on gearing up on those again. It all comes down to visiting new restaurants and remembering to order a CCS when I do.

I've really enjoyed doing the "Quote of the Month" series. Most likely Keith David will be retired after December and be replaced by someone else. Being an African American actor with a cool voice is not a requirement, but it will weigh heavily in favor of any possible replacements (If all else fails, then Samuel L. Jackson will be chosen as default).

And that's about it. I hope to be here another year at least, and if all goes well, my general readership will double in that time ... making it about six people. Bye!

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