Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Letting facts and anger get in the way of blind worship

This is the basic truth: You cannot trust George W. Bush. He made numerous statements affirming his desire to solve the problem with Iraq without war. At the same time, he was doing his damnedest behind the scenes to manipulate data in order to justify going to war.

I'm not saying anything that numerous other men and women have laid out on their own blogs already, but I'm saying it anyway. His half-assed, not thoroughly thought out plan for Iraq has resulted in so many dead that I should say something. I'm not some extreme left wing nut comparing him to Hitler or Mussolini or some other damn despot. The truth (and the problem) is we don't who the hell he is. He's not some good old boy from Texas who understands the common man, that's for damn sure. His motives are unclear and his methods reprehensible.

Again, nothing terribly original about this post, but sometimes you just have to reiterate the truth to ease your mind back below the breaking point.

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